Colchester Taxis

For hire of Colchester Taxis to and from Colchester and surrounding areas.

Welcome to the taxi in Colchester. This is the technological and fastest era we should move according to the surroundings. Colchester Taxis are providing you amazing online services. Our company is known for good reputation for years. We are working online without any fraud. Our customer relays to us due to our good status.

How to get our taxi service:

Just on a single click and downloading a Colchester Taxiapp you can book a taxi and place your order by telling your demand customization and specification. You can also make a call and order a taxi. Our taxi service works 24 hours a day our online booking service is reliable as well as speedy without any interruption. You can also book the taxi by browsing any server and from anywhere. After the placement of your order, the taxi will be at your doorstep after a while.

Services and incentives:

Colchester Taxisprovide, you can account to move or travel independently where you want with an ease. Our services are not only limited to Colchester you can also provide our services outside the geographical areas

Airport transfers and corporate business service:

We also offer the best special choice for the business. We prepared the pool of very special luxury vehicles that allow you to do all business-related staff. Starting from airport transfers, group corporate services, international connections. We are connected with a lot of luxury limo services around the world in New-York, Dubai, Moscow, etc. (take a call to learn more). So that we can connect and coordinate your business travel across the globe.
For example, you need to make a corporate business trip from our city to Dubai. You can pick-up this opportunity, we will do our best to make luxury travel into the airport. Then we will connect with a great luxury limo service like TLT and do all communication on our own.
Then without losing a minute, you and your partners will get the royal welcome in the airport in Dubai and then the TLT business service will take care of everything you can think about.
So this is the same for a lot of major cities around the world. So only thing that you need to do is make a call or contact us through our contact form.


Our drivers and staff are very punctual and known for punctuality. We always take good care of our customer. As we know time is very important nowadays, so without wasting your time and without any delay Colchester Taxireach to your ordered place and within demanding time drop you to your office, shopping mall, home, club, and restaurant and where else you want.

Scam free:

We provide you spam free services our all the transactions are confidential and we do not reveal the personal data of the customer as well as his or her travelling details.


We are honest in case if you forget your stuff in our taxi we are responsible to provide your stuff back via the procedure you adopt to contact us.

Hire a taxi for anyone:

Your services are for everyone. You can hire a Colchester Taxisfor your kid as well as for your guest. We pick them up and drop them where you demand. For kids, we also give a pick and drop service from their school.  If you are busy somewhere and your guest wants to go out shopping and traveling you can hire us for the whole day we take your guest all around the city.

Rules and regulations:

Our company very much emphasizes on the rules. Rules are for everyone, especially for the drivers. Our drivers strictly follow the rules of traffic and you will never be caught by the traffic warden. Our drivers are well trained, skilled and certified.


Beside all these services we charge reasonable fares where is affordable by every class and we also provide discounts to our regular customers. Knowing about the discount offers, you can contact to our representative.


You can also get the membership card and avail the special offer and services provided by the company. These services are only for the members of the customer.